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After a rewarding career in marketing, Cathy hung up her corporate badge and leapt into the world of interior design. She honed her design instincts by working for a furniture maker where she excelled at selling direct to consumers and churning out room designs and floor plans for her clients. She went on to learn the finer points of the trade at a successful interior design firm, working with her own clients and occasionally assisting on large firm projects. After five years with the firm, Cathy took the leap and made her lifelong dream of being a business owner come true.

Cathy now works with clients to create homes that are comfortable, classic, and timeless. She has a chic sensibility and a knack for creating long lasting client relationships.

Based in Annapolis, Maryland, Cathy works on projects near and far.

"Cathy really took the time to understand our vision and tastes then created a living space that is both beautiful and functional."

209 West Street, Suite 301, Annapolis, Maryland 21409
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